Food Service Management Certification

Food Service Management Certification

Food service management is an essential part of the restaurant industry. The unsung heroes, these individuals ensure food is acquired, stored, and maintained safely as per all health codes. Not only this, but they must be able to instruct and enforce kitchen rules about hygiene and health safety. Obtaining a food service management certification after earning your bachelor’s degree will help validate your knowledge and show that you are certified through your state.

What is the Food Service Management Certification?

The certification itself will vary from state to state. In Virginia, the City of Norfolk’s website states, “The certification process occurs when individuals demonstrate through a certification program that they have met specified food safety knowledge standards.” It also adds that most restaurants are required to meet this certification.

What is the Exam Like?

In Norfolk there is a required two-day class before sitting for the exam. In this class you will learn a variety of health and safety regulations, including preventing foodborne disease and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). The latter, a directive set down by the FDA is described as a management system to address food safety through scientific principles. It accounts for every step of the food’s journey from when it is produced to when it is served to the customer. The HACCP system focuses on several key areas prone to issues, such as juice, dairy, and seafood.

Why is it Important to Earn this Certification?

You might think to yourself, I have a degree, why do I need further validation of my knowledge? But this certification proves to the state you’re working in that you will be able to keep a restaurant up to health codes and safety standards. It also might help you to get hired as restaurants would usually prefer to hire someone who already has a certification as opposed to someone who will need additional training.

Food Service Management Certification

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