Impossible Dreams Come True When she was just a little girl, Emma Mullet used to dream of becoming a nurse. Of course, it was just that, a dream. She was Amish and that meant no more than eight years of education and then it was time to be trained to become a mother and housewife.

She married in 1995 and had eight children over the next eleven years. In 2007, her life became complicated. Her husband became very ill and could not work. She decided it was time to take control of her life. The family moved to South Carolina and Emma started working on her GED.

She was soon hired as a cook at the local school – at least she could be near her children. Emma then earned her GED in just one year and got a job in manufacturing but was injured at work and had to have surgery. During that time, she began thinking about college. “It was kind of funny,” she says, “I had talked with someone at ECPI University back in 2008 but told them I wasn’t ready and to call me back in four years. Can you believe it? They did just that and I enrolled at the Greenville campus in 2012.

"One of my first thoughts was ‘oh my, what have I gotten myself into?’ but I knew that with God all things are possible and if it was His will, He would help me make it through,” says Emma. It took a lot of juggling to get to all my classes and still be there for the children. They also needed to make sacrifices for me so I had study time. I couldn't have done it without the support of my family and everyone at ECPI University. They really worked with me to help me stay on course.”

In March of this year, Emma graduated with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Health Science, Medical Assisting. She has since earned her RMA and CMA certifications and is now employed at Landrum Family Healthcare. “I am excited to see what my children will do after seeing what I was able to accomplish,” she says. “It’s never too late!”

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