Mobile Application Development: Platforms You Need to Know

Mobile Application Development: Platforms You Need to Know

Beyond designing applications for mobile operating systems like Android and iOS, there are a handful of application development platforms used to customize these programs for each operating system (OS). For some mobile application designers, there is a tendency to rely on one platform for all of their design needs. After they are established and working at the top of their game, this may be all that is necessary.

However, when you start off, you need to educate yourself on varying platforms. This way, if you land a job in a particular firm, you can quickly adapt to the technology they use and the way they design applications. It also makes it easier to identify the design elements that work and which you enjoy working in more. There are pros and cons in many of the top platforms, so decide which one is the best for you. Here are a few of the mobile application development platforms you need to know about.

Popular Platforms Available for Mobile App Development

A good idea if you're starting out in the world of mobile application design is to learn the most popular platforms first and then work your way back. The more applications you can use the better off you'll be, but it's always a good idea to lay your foundation with the most used development method out there. is one of the most popular app development platforms out there. As you'll find with many of the current top performers, it is a cloud-based platform that brings in visual development tools. This way, it is easier for multiple individuals to work on the app at once. Cloud services is more important now than ever before.

Appcelerator is another of the cloud based application design options. It comes with an excellent built in library of extensions that helps with the design process. While it is always good to know the extensions yourself, once you understand each and know how the extensions work, this makes it easier to piece together an application without some of the tedious legwork.

AppInstitute is one of the older application designer out there as it dates back to 2011 (the iPhone came out in 2007 and it did not really allow outside app development until the following year, so while AppInstitute is not an original application designer, it is one of there earlier adopters into the technology). This application is great for building applications in both iOS and Android.

This platform is a bit more "modern" in that there is no coding. While a popular design tool, you may want to educate yourself on how to use this, but still focus your time on learning coding from other platforms. Understanding coding actually makes it easier to troubleshoot platforms such as this.

Why Do I Need to Know About this Apps as an Up and Coming Developer?

The more you educate yourself on different platforms and the more you expose yourself to varying methods of design, the better off you'll be. Not all tech firms, web designers, and companies looking to produce an app in-house use the same application design tools. The last thing you want is to walk into an environment where you don't know how to perform and work in the given platform.

So work in and discover the ins and outs of as many as possible. It is like working as a translator. While knowing one language is fine, knowing a dozen languages instantly makes you a top candidate for nearly any position.

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What Platforms are Currently Gaining Popularity?

Realistically, any platform with cloud integration is growing in popularity. The cloud has revolutionized the way technology firms, and business in general, work. Time is money for businesses, including application design. The ability to utilize a cloud service gives designers two benefits.

The first is it makes it possible for multiple designers to work on the application at once when necessary. The second is it allows a design team to share the application with a customer as it is developed. This allows for faster feedback and quicker turnaround times. Due to this, applications like the first two mentioned are two of the top platforms worth noting. Keep an eye out for other cloud platforms.

Getting an education on the top mobile application development platforms is an excellent way to establish yourself in the world of mobile design. As different firms use different platforms, having a strong foundation in varying options is the best way to attract the attention of top employers.

Mobile Application Development: Platforms You Need to Know

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