Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) SchoolsHas an exciting career as a physical therapist assistant always been a lifelong goal? Maybe you’ve considered it, but you weren’t quite sure how to get started? Finding a career in any field can be confusing and overwhelming, but knowing exactly what to look for and the correct process to follow can alleviate a lot of stress. With physical therapy, especially as a therapist assistant, it’s not as difficult to achieve as you might think. 


Is Financial Aid Available?

Many schools do offer some form of aid, from grants and federal loans to work-study, and some even have specific aid for those in the military or who may have a disability. If assistance is given and is not listed on the school website, contacting someone from the school to ask is also always an option.

Is the Curriculum Flexible?

Many people have established routines, as well as lives and family matters that often take priority over education. As such, it’s important that schools offer a flexible curriculum for these kinds of students.

Others aspects of importance include the location of the school to home and work, tuition costs, the length of the program, graduate outcomes, the application processes, and what types of courses are offered in the actual program.

Physical Therapist Assistant Salary & Career Outlook

physical therapist assistant salaryAs reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of physical therapist assistants is projected to grow 41 percent in the next seven years (2012-2022), much faster than many other occupations. Physical therapy assistants often work in acute-care hospitals and other areas, especially in highly-populated urban and suburban areas. The median wage for those in the physical therapist assistant field, also according to the BLS, is $52,160 as of May 2012.

Finding a Job as a Physical Therapist Assistant

As your studies wind down, it will be time to begin the job search. Here are some important avenues to a successful outcome:

  • Job Fairs:  Attending a career fair event is an excellent way to make connections and obtain job prospects. One-on-one interviews are often available on the spot, and applications and information is provided by employers to graduates seeking full-time and part-time work, internships, and/or experience.
  • Job Search: At reputable schools, the career services department can assist in developing a program-related job search strategy; this includes resumes, cover letters, networking skills, interviewing tips, professionalism, and salary discussion techniques.
  • Clinical Rotations: Finding a school that has established relationships with leading healthcare providers is essential in obtaining hands-on experience with actual patients.
  • Partners: No matter how long it has been since graduation, many colleges offer assistance to alumni whenever they require it. This helps with furthering your education, obtaining new certificates, interview preparation, seeking new opportunities, and much more.

Want to Become a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)?

Here’s How to Get Started.

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