Pros and Cons of a Nursing Career

Pros and Cons of a Nursing Career

Just like other professions, nursing has its benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to evaluate the pros and cons before committing yourself to one path. It’s not easy to be a nurse, but it can be very rewarding for those who have their hearts in the right place and enough education in their heads. Here’s some more information on going to nursing school to become a registered nurse, with the joys and difficulties you might encounter.

The Benefits of Pursuing a Nursing Degree

Personal Satisfaction

Nurses are highly respected for the role they play and the knowledge that they possess. Moreover, they are the link between patients and their doctors, making them a very important intermediary. They spend more time with the patient and can see them through a full recovery. This can bring much personal and professional satisfaction.

Ability to work in many places

As a nurse, you can work in different places, depending on your own preferences. If you prefer working in the suburbs to working in the town, you could find a rural hospital there. Additionally, cities host many top-rated hospitals. Work can also be found overseas, if you want to travel.

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High Flexibility

In the profession, you can work out a schedule that fits you. You can be a part-time, temporary or full-time worker. More amazingly, you do all of the above at the same time. In some places, you’re allowed to work for three to four days a week and be free for the rest of the remaining days.

Drawbacks of Pursuing a Nursing Career

School is Very Difficult

In nursing schools, students have little time to relax and go about their business. The courses demand a lot from them, keeping them on their toes throughout the semester. The reason behind this is the need to have highly-skilled personnel in the hospitals and clinics. A slight miscalculation could be fatal to the patient in the nurse’s care and thus a very detailed course outline is developed for nursing students. Frequent testing and the business of saving lives necessitate a lot of studying! 

Exposure to viruses and germs

As a nurse, you will be exposed to viruses and germs. You will be in contact with different patients suffering from different illnesses and you might catch some viruses in the process of helping them. Also, you will be in frequent contact will body fluids and blood. This role requires a person who is not squeamish.

Physical Demands

Another challenge in nursing is the need of physical strength and involvement. As a nurse, you will be required to lift bedridden patients from time to time, whenever they need to be transferred. You might also be required to lift boxes as well as other equipment.


Every day isn’t always fun and joy. There are many things which may overwhelm you on the job. You may lose a patient that you had grown very fond of, and this may take a toll on you. In this job, you never know what to expect. Not every patient comes out of the hospital alive, and seeing someone die is not an easy thing to handle. Also, some patients may not appreciate your help no matter how much they need it. It’s essential to have a lot of patience and interpersonal skills when working as a nurse.

Who is Cut Out for the Stress and Pressure of a Nursing Career?

It takes a person with a special character to make a wonderful nurse. A great nurse must possess empathy, have excellent adaptability skills, be able to maintain therapeutic relationships, be very humble, a team player and be efficient. You must be a person who can handle the pressure that comes with this career.

Pros and Cons of a Nursing Career

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