Shokugeki Food Wars Competition at NekoCon Lets CIV Students Showcase Their Skills

Shokugeki Food Wars Competition at NekoCon Lets CIV Students Showcase Their Skills

Last year the talent, skill, and showmanship of the Culinary Institute of Virginia students wowed NekoCon attendees. This year was no different. Based off of the popular anime Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma, this cooking competition saw four teams with eight culinary students battle it out for $6,000 in scholarship money.

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The four teams, Team Culinary Ronin, Team Pisces, Team Broken Rice, and Team Rush Hour, not only had to create beverages as a starter and cook delicious Japanese-inspired street food dishes for the discerning judges. They also had to show off their culinary abilities in three separate skill challenges.

The first saw the contestants create beautiful arrangements out of cut fruit. The second, carving an entire chicken! The third was to whip egg whites until they were so stiff the contestant could hold the bowl upside down over their head with no dripping.

The pressure and the heat was on as the four teams cooked in front of the live audience, who cheered them on and marveled at their skillful work. The teams were judged on appearance, taste, and creativity for their main dishes.

In the end, Team Rush Hour, a fan favorite, took home the top scholarship prize!

1st Place: Team Rush Hour

Anh-Huy Tran

Leon Coleman

2nd Place: Team Broken Rice

Phuc Vuong

John Viands

3rd Place: Team Culinary Ronin

Jacob Hale

Jarrod Savage

4th Place: Team Pisces

James Carter

Alexander Hatchett

After the competition was over, Jenny Liendo and Jason Hill, the alternates for the NekoCon Shokugeki, epitomized good sportsmanship and kindness. They did not compete in the show, but instead made their dishes to serve in a family-style meal to all of the other contestants. 

Congratulations to everyone who took part. All of the culinary students were, as Yukihira Sōma says, Happy to serve!

Shokugeki Food Wars Competition at NekoCon Lets CIV Students Showcase Their Skills

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