How to Become an App Developer

Let’s face it, these days, apps are what it’s all about, when just a few years ago, many people had no clue what an “app” was or ever would be. Even the most technologically challenged know what apps they want and need. Enter this decade’s knight in shining armor: the app developer.

software developer job growthSoftware development – apps – are what connect us to our mobile devices and to our computers. The people who create and manage these apps are in big demand and this trend shows no sign of changing. In 2012, the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a whopping 22% growth in software development jobs by 2022; this is much higher than other career areas! As of May 2012, the BLS reports that software developers can earn a median annual salary of $93,350.

So What Does an App Developer Do?

An app developer will often be a software developer. This job may include:

  • Developing, creating, and modifying computer applications software or utility programs
  • Analyzing user needs and developing software solutions
  • Designing or customizing software for clients to help with business operations
  • Analyzing and designing databases within an app
  • Coordinating database development
  • Supervising computer programmers

Job roles include:

  • Cloud Application Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Video Games Developer

Industries that need software and app developers include:

  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Social Media and Content Marketing

Developers often think of themselves as the only sane person in the room.

This, as you may know, is also a trait of the clinically insane.

Andrew C. Oliver of JavaWorld uses his humor and wit to define what he says are at least 14 personality types of software developers. In addition to recognizing them, he says he’s been some of them at one time or another. If you want to become an app developer, you need an education, of course, but you also need some important characteristics and skills.

If . . .

You’re a problem-solver

In fact, at many job interviews for software development, an example and demonstration of problem-solving will be requested. Software guru John Sonmez says, “Software development is 100% about solving problems. Without problems there wouldn’t be a need for software. All software is designed to solve some user problem and within that general solution is a wide array of smaller problems that make it up. It really doesn’t matter what programming language or technology you use, if you can’t solve problems, you won’t be very good at developing software.”

You teach yourself

One of the skills you can teach yourself is how to learn fast. This will prove invaluable in the classroom and on the job. Technology is moving so rapidly that your ability to get the knowledge you need for every assignment is important. You don’t have enough time to do otherwise!

You can explain things

Processes can’t be seen; you are working on an invisible concept. How do you explain that? You have to be able to tell others about what you wrote and you need to be able to put a good name on what you’ve written – plus identify the name of codes you are reading.

You have people skills

People Skills 101: Yours is a world of logic. To be able to effectively explain things to co-workers and clients, you must first understand that people are emotional, and you won’t be able to avoid workplace egos, hidden agendas, and power struggles. But if you’re a good person, with your company’s best interests as a priority, you’ll get the respect needed to become an authority in your area. And when they believe you care more about doing the right thing than your own personal agenda, most people will follow your logic.

You have what it takes to become an app developer!

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