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Just about every news story on education these days is talking about the need for STEM programs - science, technology, engineering, and math. Study after study talks about the upcoming demand for people trained in engineering. A degree in mechanical engineering technology (MET) could give you the sort of job security you've been hoping for in a field that is growing and promises to continue.


Mechanical Engineering Technicians Salary & Growth

Mechanical Engineering Technician salaryAccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), in 2012 the average pay for a mechanical engineer technician was $51,980 with an average wage of $24.99 per hour. BLS also predicts that the number of jobs in this field will continue to grow another 5% by 2022.

So, what does a mechanical engineering technician do? Here are just a few examples of places where you might find a job.

Aerospace and Automobile Industries

This seems as sort of a natural fit. Machines mean mechanisms, and planes and cars are full of them. Mechanical engineering technicians are the experts who will help make those machines run better and more efficiently. With the introduction of autonomous and electric vehicles just around the corner, you could be on the cutting edge of changing how we travel from one place to the next.

Chemical Industry

The decline of oil and gas prices may make mechanical engineering technicians even more valuable than ever to companies working with petroleum products. These companies have to find more cost-effective ways to do business, and those efficiencies are usually found in streamlining their process. You could have the training and background to help companies cut costs making you indispensable part of their operation.

Power and Energy Industry

The popularity of renewable energy sources such as wind and solar continues to grow. The power and energy sectors need technicians who can find ways to make their services more efficient and harness these new sources of energy. Beyond just the power companies, more and more people are looking to live off-the-grid. You could apply your degree to helping them do it.

Manufacturing Industry

While it's true that manufacturing is becoming more and more automated, the machines that are now doing the work need people to work on them. Fields such as robotics and nanotechnology promise to make manufacturing more efficient, and mechanical engineering technicians may be perfectly positioned to apply their knowledge of systems operations to those processes. Whether it's working on the actual machines or looking at the overall operation, you could have the opportunity to troubleshoot and improve a company's systems.

Biotechnology Industry

Like other industries on this list, robotics and nanotechnology promise to revolutionize this industry. You could be the person taking the design of robotic prosthetics and making them operational. This could be a wonderful opportunity to make other people's lives better given your special talent for solving problems.

Sales & Consulting

This may sound counterintuitive to the stereotype of someone prone to math, and it's not what many people picture when they think of going into this field; however, many companies look for people with backgrounds in engineering to sale their products. Companies that supply mechanical products to other companies need people who understand the nature of mechanical systems and can build good relationships with customers. They need people who can apply that understanding to unique situations and provide value to their customers. This could be a great opportunity to combine your skills with people and your ability to solve problems.

Upcoming Innovations

As a mechanical engineering technician, you could be perfectly situated to fill jobs that don't even exist today. So many of today's innovations are revolutionizing the job market, that you need a degree that offers you the versatility to fit whatever the job market offers five years from now. Think about it. So many of the things we take for granted were relatively unknown or didn't exist ten years ago: 3D printing, nanotechnology, carbon fiber, smartphones, and tablets.

Predicting how these changes will affect the next ten years is nearly impossible. You need a degree in a field that is going to stay relevant regardless of those changes. Mechanical engineering technology does exactly that.

Become a Mechanical Engineering Technician

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