Manufacturing Skills Gap Creates Opportunity for those with Engineering Technology Degrees [INFOGRAPHIC]

You might have heard of the manufacturing skills gaps. But do you know what it means for workers, consumers, and the industry? Let’s take a look at what the future has in store for those who have the right advanced manufacturing skills to fill the gap.

What is the Manufacturing Skills Gap?

This gap is created by a lack of skilled workers for needed positions. It’s currently estimated that 3.4 million jobs will be coming available due to economic expansion and Baby Boomers beginning to retire in large numbers. The skills gap is expected to leave around 2 million jobs vacant. This gap can leave issues with manufacturing, production, and even distribution for common products found on homes all over the United States.

Manufacturing Skills Gap Creates Opportunity for those with Engineering Technology Degrees

What other Skills are Missing from the Work Force?

As for what skills are missing from the workforce, employers report that their workers are not proficient in the following skills

  • Computer Skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Technical skills
  • Math skills

Executives who were interviewed also believe that this skills gap will prevent their employees from meeting customer demand. Including providing effective customer service and allowing them to implement new technologies, all of which could pave the way for intentional expansion.

What can we do about the Skills Gap?

If might seem like this problem has no end in sight. But it all begins with education. Degree programs such as Electronics Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Mechatronics, are poised to help make a difference in the manufacturing world. These disciplines focus on different elements of manufacturing that facilities the need in order to function.

Modern manufacturing facilities are far from the dirty, dangerous environments many people still think of today. Currently, many manufacturing facilities look more like labs and usually product testing and researching is done in a lab itself. From electronics to robotics, there is a place in advanced manufacturing for all kinds of skills and talents.

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