Some careers in CIS you may not have thought aboutEmployment in the Computer and Information Science world is projected to grow rapidly and outpace other industries over the next decade. A degree in Computer and Information Science could prepare you for a career in one of the many jobs that are out there.

A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that a Computer and Information Science degree is for programmers only. While that might have been true at one point, it certainly is not true these days. Computer and Information Science degrees can now also specialize in a variety of fields and career paths from creative to technical.

To start considering your options, check out these Computer and Information Science occupations that you might not have thought of!

Cloud Application Developer

  • By providing multi-server access to everyone, the cloud has become one of the fastest growing tools on the internet. Cloud applications provide services that can operate both like a desktop app and a web app…and cloud app developers are in high demand. Learning cloud computing will give you an advantage in understanding how these apps differ from regular apps.

Independent Video Game Developer

  • The last twenty years have proven that video games are here to stay. As computer capabilities grow, so does the sophistication of video games. With a computer science degree, you can learn the tools that could move you into the video game creator world.

Mobile Application Developer

  • Everything’s going mobile. Of all the developer careers, mobile application developers are now and will continue to be in high demand. Companies across the globe are trying to find the next great mobile app, and they’re becoming a staple rather than a novelty. A Computer and Information Science degree in software development can start you on this path.

Digital Media Artist

  •  Multimedia artists are used in almost all industries to create special effects, animation, and other visual images. A digital media artist does this by using computers or other electronic tools and creates media for computer games, music videos, commercials, and movies. If you have an artistic eye, digital media may be exactly the Computer and Information Science degree that makes sense for you.

Computer Graphics and Animation

  • predicted 12 future outcomes in the programming world. The number one prediction is that GPUs will be the next CPUs. Whereas processing power was the golden egg of the last decade, the next decade will be all about graphics. Graphic applications have moved beyond video games and presentations and are now being used by physicists, chemists, astronomers and biologists. A degree in Computer and Information Science is a great start for this career path.

Network Security Analyst

  • One of the opportunities in today’s internet crazed world is in the world of security. Everyone is in the game, including the hackers, trouble-makers and thieves. A network security analyst plans and carries out security measures for protecting an organization's networks. As cyber threats increase, so do the career opportunities for network security analysts.

Healthcare Information Technology Solutions Provider

  • Like the computer industry, healthcare is in a major growth mode, and the two are closely related. With the population increasing and modern medicine advancing, healthcare opportunities are on the rise. A degree in Computer and Information Science can be focused on healthcare technology, thereby combining these two growing fields.

Computer Systems Analyst

  • Also called a Business Analyst, this job lets you combine your technical education with your natural business sense. A Computer Systems Analyst studies and analyzes what a business needs and how computer systems can help. They work closely with both the business side and the technology side of a company and are able to join the two together because they understand both.

To learn more about the current and future outlook for careers in Computer and Information Science look at the information provided by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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