What Exactly is Software Development: Would I be a Good Software Developer?

What Exactly is Software Development: Would I be a Good Software Developer?

What does it take to be a software developer? It's an exciting career with a bright future and now is a good time to answer that question so that you can prepare yourself to take advantage of the rapidly expanding number of opportunities that are on the horizon. If you are the kind of person who enjoys not only knowing how computers operate, but thrives on the challenge of making them work better, then software development is a career that you will thrive within.

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Learning the Coding Language

There are multiple languages that you can choose to learn. From Python and Swift, to Django and Java, all the way to the present foundations of C++ and HTML, these programming languages make it possible to create everything from computer software to IOS apps.

You will want to explore each of these languages as you set out to pursue a career in software development. The better you understand them, the more you will be able to do with the knowledge you acquire. As you get your feet under you, you will likely want to specialize in one or more languages that are related to the type of software and programs you want to create.

Practice and Play

The best way to master software development is to play around and see what works while you learn what doesn't. Many software developers enjoy creating short programs, games, etc. in their free time. Doing so is more than just a hobby; it is an opportunity to practice what you have learned and master the skills you need to succeed.

Successful software developers love to plan, build, and yes, break, their programs so that they can improve upon their skills and discover new and innovative ways to protect their software from unexpected crashes, security breaches, etc.

Testing, Troubleshooting, and Day to Day Operations

Software developers spend significant amounts of time testing and troubleshooting. This improves the quality of the programming and gives developers and opportunity to fix bugs in the system before they multiply and cause the program to crash. This process of testing and troubleshooting is most important during the pre-launch and post-launch phases when bugs and problems are most likely to become apparent. However, it doesn't end there and will remain a constant task that will last as long as the program is in service.

On a typical day, you could be required to work with program analysts, software designers, and the staff who utilize the program to perform their job functions. This means that you must be a master of communication and know how to translate needs and requests into measurable action. One of the most important jobs you will perform is creating the software manuals that staff can use to train themselves how to use the various features and options within the program.

Most days are 8 hours. However, you can expect that some weeks will run longer as deadlines approach and the pressure to achieve targets mounts. Most software developers work in-house, but travel from time to time may be required for individuals who work in companies with multiple office locations, storefronts, etc.

The Value of the Invaluable Software Developer

Software developers are an invaluable resource that are in high-demand. As computers and smartphones proliferate the marketplace and every aspect of our lives, the value of the software developer is growing by leaps and bounds. Between now and 2026, the Department of Labor estimates that the need for software developers will grow by 24%. This is a rate that far outpaces most professions, which makes software development a career with a bright and stable future.

Diverse Career Paths

Every industry requires software developers. Opportunities abound whether you want to specialize in finance and banking, real estate, oil and gas, retail, marketing and advertising, e-commerce, etc. Many software developers choose to specialize in an industry because it gives them an opportunity to build a relevant portfolio of skills that is attractive to potential future employers. For those interested in freelancing or opening their own software development enterprise, this can provide considerable advantages down the road.

The Required Education

While you can enter the field with an associate's degree, the majority of individuals within the software development profession choose to earn a bachelor's degree. Those who wish to obtain the title of a "software engineer" typically pursue master's degrees or a PhD once they have some steady job experience under their belt.

What Exactly is Software Development: Would I be a Good Software Developer?

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