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ECPI University Rams Esports

ECPI University Rams Open Tryouts

To signup and participate in these tryouts follow these instructions:

  1. Join RAMS Discord. This is CRITICAL, as all Rams tryouts & communication happen in our server!
  2. Select a day/time and register here.
  3. On the day of your tryout join the Discord Server General Voice channel. A coach will pull you into your tryout channel.
  4. You MUST stream your game play to Discord (please do not ask the coach how to stream your XBOX, PS4, Switch or PC to Discord, you are expected to be able to do that on your own)
  5. Follow coach instructions for tryout.
  6. Wait for results. All tryout results will be posted in Discord within 7-10 days after tryouts end.

Tryouts are being held for 3 different categories of team participation, they are:

Varsity Teams

This is for the highest ranking players for any game that we field a team for. NOTE: Not all games will have a Varsity squad. Varsity Team members may be eligible for scholarships. Varsity teams also have regulated practice requirements up to 4 times each week with a dedicated coach.

Junior Varsity Teams

This is for players who may not be ready to compete at the highest level in collegiate esports, however, have shown promise and may advance at some point to Varsity. Junior Varsity players have a dedicated practice day with a coach, and must attend 1 practice per week.

Supported Game Teams

This is for game titles where we have enough interest to field a team, however, most or all of the players are still learning the basics of competitive play. These teams will have a dedicated Team Captain (student) who will work with the team to select practice times and communicate with the coaches. If the team shows they are capable of dedicated practices, they will be allowed to compete under the coordination and supervision of the head coach. Team captains will meet weekly with the coaches to discuss team progress and attendance.


All students who tryout and make the team for any game, at any skill level, will be listed on the official ECPI University Rams Collegiate Esports Roster website and receive a RAMS Jersey with their gamer tag on the back! Each game team will represent the university in collegiate esports matches, and those matches will be streamed to Twitch. Good luck and HAVE FUN!

ECPI University Rams Open Tryouts

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