Welcome Back

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Welcome Back to ECPI University

Remember to stop at the front desk upon entering the building. From there you will have your temperature taken and be signed in. Gloves and masks are available for you here, if you have not brought your own, masks are required at all times in the building. Sanitizer is located at the front desk and on every floor.

Know Your Entrance & Exit

Our buildings adhere to best practices prescribed by the CDC & other health organizations. Familiarize yourself with the marked ENTRANCE & EXIT you should be using, there is signage to help. When entering or leaving you will see a marked path on the floor making use of arrows as a guide.

Exits and Entrances

Navigating ECPI University Using Our New Best Practices

As you are traversing the hallways and classrooms of ECPI University, remember to always practice Social Distancing and stay 6 feet apart. Instructions for the safe use of the stairwells and elevators are posted, as well. There will usually be a designated 'Up' and 'Down' stairwell in the building and we follow a 2 person limit on the elevator.

6ft Apart on Stairwell going up
6ft Apart on Stairwell going down
2 people max on elevators

Student Protocols

Masks should be worn at ALL times within this building. Social distancing - 6 feet apart. Sanitizer should beused upon entrance& exit from this room.Wipe down all areasupon completion& exiting room.

Lab Protocols

Welcome - Masks should be worn at ALL timeswithin this building. Social distancing - 6 feet apart. Wash hands regularly atwashing stations/bathrooms. Please practice patience with others.This is new for all of us.

You may be asked to leave if you fail to follow these guidelines.

Thank you, together we stay safe.

Please visit cdc.gov for more information.

People Who Need to Take Extra Precautions | Reducing Stigma

View ECPI University Approved Campus Re-Opening Plan.