Can You Become an RN in 2 Years? What About Accelerated Nursing Programs?

Can You Become an RN in 2 Years? What About Accelerated Nursing Programs?

The country is in dire need of nurses. The American Association of Colleges of Nurses says that hospitals, clinics, schools, nursing homes, and others are struggling to fill positions.

Nurses may be the most sought-after employees in the country, according to the American Nurses Association, which believes there will be more jobs available for nurses through 2022 than any other profession.

And all of this could be good news for you.

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Is it the Right Time for Me to Become a Nurse?

Now is a great time to be an aspiring nurse and an even better time to have your degree in hand. Of course, first you've got to earn your degree, which means enrolling in a nursing program.

Traditional programs take about two years to complete, which means you'd be at least 24 months from landing that first job. But there is another option: accelerated nursing programs.

Accelerated nursing programs could significantly reduce the time you spend in the classroom while still providing all of the training, experience, and connections you need to hit the ground running once you graduate.

Here's a look at how an accelerated nursing program can help you become a nurse in as little as 18 months.

What will the Classes Be Like?

The curriculum of accelerated nursing programs is every bit as comprehensive, rigorous, and necessary as that of a traditional program. The only difference is you could move through them more quickly.

You should study and learn nursing concepts, practices, and protocols. You should also develop the skills needed to help patients in a variety of disciplines, from mental health to maternal to newborn to acute care to medical surgical.

Once you have completed the program, you could be well-prepared for, and qualified to take, the RN-NCLEX exam through the State Board of Nursing.

What Kind of Connections Could I Make?

Nursing is a close-knit profession filled with people who have made it their profession to help others -- including aspiring nurses.

The instructors in an accelerated nursing program have close connections to the industry. They've done the day-to-day work of a nurse and understand what you'll need to know in order to succeed. They can be your teachers, but also your mentors.

They could also help steer you toward specialty areas that align with your interests and strengths. This can prove invaluable if you want to focus your career on being a critical care nurse, a neonatal nurse, a dialysis nurse, or any other type of specialized nurse.

In addition, you'll be spending a lot of time with other aspiring nurses. These are people who could quickly turn into your friends and someday become your colleagues.

The connections you should build with instructors and classmates could likely last a lifetime. They will also help you start your career with a robust network of professionals on whom you can lead for help, support, fun, guidance, and job leads down the road.

What are the Benefits to an Accelerated Nursing Program?

If you have a passion for helping people and an interest in health care, there may be no better place for you to begin your journey than an accelerated nursing program.

Because the benefits are real.

A lot can change over the course of four years. Sometimes, life's circumstances can get in the way of your education. Enrolling in an accelerated program reduces that chances that you'll have to put your dreams on hold.

You might also get to graduate, land your first job, and start earning a paycheck as a nurse much, much more quickly. This alone offers an array of advantages:

  • You may experience less stress about your future
  • You might be able to know more quickly if nursing is really for you
  • You could be able to take advantage of the job market sooner

At the end of the day, nursing school is a way for you to achieve your dream of becoming a nurse. An accelerated program allows you to strive towards that goal at a quicker pace.

Is an Accelerated Nursing Program Right for You?

At the end of the day, you are the only person who knows for sure whether an accelerated program is a fit. But there are some characteristics that successful students share:

  • an unwavering and exceptional work ethic
  • the ability to commit to a program for between 18 months and two years
  • a desire to join the profession sooner rather than later
  • the willingness to pour your energy and effort into a rigorous curriculum
  • passion for helping people.

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