ECPI University Ranked Among Nation's Best Colleges

Top 5 Rankings for Ethnic and Economic Diversity

U.S. News & World Report has announced its annual rankings of America’s Best Colleges and once again, ECPI University has been selected for its excellence in academics and superior student support. Each year, U.S. News identifies top school based on 17 key measures, including:

  • Class sizes
  • Faculty with doctoral degrees
  • Financial resources
  • Student retention averages
  • Student debt
  • Graduation rate
  • Expert opinions
  • Financial resources per student
  • Academic reputation
  • Social mobility

The 2021 edition provides data on more than 1,800 colleges and universities, with rankings for more than 1,400 institutions. ECPI University, with campuses in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and Texas, is ranked among the best Regional Universities in the South. Moreover, ECPI University is ranked #3 for Economic Diversity and #5 for Ethnic Diversity.

Economic Diversity is assessed among institutions that receive a Best Colleges ranking and serve the most students from lower income households. Ethnic Diversity is an index that favors universities with the greatest ethnic diversity among its student population.

“This recognizes how effective ECPI University is at providing an accessible, quality education,” says ECPI University President Mark Dreyfus. “We have a strong record of graduating minorities into health care, information technology, advanced manufacturing, business, criminal justice, and hospitality,” says President Dreyfus. “We are recognized for being third in the nation in the number of African-Americans graduating with undergraduate computer science degrees – nearly 2.4% of all such degrees earned in the U.S. We are also the largest provider of African-American nurses in the Mid-Atlantic region.”

Why ECPI University?

While there are many schools on America’s Best Colleges’ list, very few offer the unique educational opportunities provided by ECPI University. There are many reasons why ECPI University is consistently ranked highly on these types of lists, and we're happy to explain! 

Accelerated Learning 

As one of the first schools to pioneer accelerated education, ECPI University students can earn their bachelor’s degree in just 2.5 years, or an associate degree in as little as 1.5 years. This year-round educational method allows adult learners to fit school around busy schedules filled with work, family, friends, and other obligations. Accelerated degrees are also a great option for those looking to switch from one path to another, quickly. It can take years to earn your way into a new industry, learning the basics from whoever may be willing to teach you--or you can invest 2.5 years to attend classes at nights and on weekends. 

Hands-On Learning

Hands-on learning is an important part of the ECPI University campus culture, inspiring our students to fully immerse themselves in the educational experience. Aside from establishing a strong theoretical foundation for your education journey, our industry-recognized instructors employ a range of interactive tools, including simulations, virtualizations, and hands-on labs. This practical approach to teaching encourages independence, engages the mind, lends itself to greater retention, and builds valuable real-world experience. No matter the subject matter—technology, health science, nursing, business, criminal justice, or culinary arts—the evidence is overwhelming: people learn best when they learn by doing.

Small Class Sizes

With average class sizes of about 13, our instructors are highly accessible and there for you when you need extra help, so you won't have to worry about getting lost in a sea of classmates. That’s what attracted Business Administration graduate Shane Bernard. “I really like the small class sizes,” he says. “There was always plenty of time for questions and whenever I needed help, I knew exactly where to go.”

Student Support

Each student that enrolls at ECPI University comes to us with unique needs. Many have tried college before and were unsuccessful--not because they’re not capable, but because they needed additional support. At ECPI University, that begins on day one. In fact, the first class you take is called “Essentials for Success.”

What you learn in this class can serve as the foundation of your educational experience. In it, you can learn about taking effective notes, reading for comprehension, time management, research skills, and test-taking strategies. This may sound unnecessary, but many of us never learned most of these skills in high school, let alone in a short-lived college experience. These essentials could make or break your ECPI University experience!

ECPI University also offers a host of resources for students, including Math & Writing Assistance Centers, on-demand tutoring, and resume building assistance. 

Industry-Shaped Curriculum

Every program at every campus has a local academic advisory board made up of industry professionals. Each meets twice yearly to review curriculum and make recommendations based on the ever-changing needs of the workplace. It’s a system that works, and employers know it.

“If you want your graduates to stand out, what better way to do that than to tailor your program to the precise requirements of the job?” asks ECPI University Director of Career Services Candice Sayre. “Each job has a list of required skills. The applicant who can check off the most boxes is going to get the offer.”

Flexible Class Schedules

Whether you choose to attend day, evening, online, or weekend classes, you will find the flexibility you need to graduate sooner. What’s more, our students don’t have to worry about scheduling, which helps take away the stress of getting the right classes you’ll need to graduate. For many of our graduates, college would not have been possible without the flexibility we offer.

Military Friendly

For more than 50 years, military students and veterans have trusted ECPI University to help them advance in or transition to the civilian workplace. For the last nine straight years, ECPI University has been named “Best for Vets” by Military Times. Here are just some of the reasons why ECPI University is great choice for military and veteran students:

  • On-Base and Off-Base Locations
  • GI Bill, TA, and ECPI Military Scholarships
  • Military Partnerships: NCPDLP, NCPACE, Air Force AU-ABC, and more!
  • Education Options for Non-Degree Seeking Students
  • Yellow Ribbon Program

Ready to Make the Best Decision You’ve Ever Made?

Nearly 4,000 different employers have hired ECPI University graduates over the years, many are among the nation’s top companies. Maybe you could be one of them. Start now, and you can be ready to begin a whole new life in just 2.5 years. To learn more, connect with one of our helpful admissions advisors today!

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