What Master's Degree Should I Get?

what master's degree to getIn today’s competitive world, it is often not enough to have a bachelor’s degree in a particular field to beat out the competition. Having a master’s degree can help give you the competitive edge that you need to receive the job and make a successful career for yourself. When considering which master’s degree program to pursue, consider the marketability of the skills that you can acquire and your personal strengths.


Six Things Nobody Tells You about Online College

what nobody tells you about online collegeOnline education has expanded opportunity. For good or for bad, learning from the internet provides plenty of opportunities for you to become an instant expert, look up obscure statistics, win bar bets, and (occasionally) actually improve yourself. Aside from attending the “University of Google” to show off on Facebook, though, online colleges can provide solid, useful and economical educations. Behind the hype, some fundamental realities may affect your online college experience. 


Top IT Manager Job Interview Questions & Answers

IT manager job interview questions and answersWhen you want to take on a new career path in IT, one of the most daunting obstacles you will face is the job interview. Getting to this point requires persistence and a solid professional pedigree, but this is where you show the employer you are serious. If you answer the questions well, you can be on track for a financially and emotionally rewarding career with a great company. If you answer them poorly, you will need to look elsewhere.